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Hi! My name is Sergio Losilla, and I am the geek that is going to Guatemala. I am passionate about science, games, computers and a bunch of other things. I am originally from Spain, and I currently live in Helsinki, Finland, and work as a software developer. A while back, I met the great people from Asociación Manabí and although it has taken some time for this project to take off, in July 2019 I will go for half a year to work as a volunteer at Padre Guillermo Woods high school in Ixcán, Guatemala.

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The project

My job at Padre Guillermo Woods high school will be, well, to help in whichever way I can! This is a very general statement, because the first part of the job will be figuring out, on site, what is the best I can do. The main target is not so much working directly with the kids (although I sure hope there's a lot of that!), but working hand in hand with the teachers. Another important part will be welcoming and coordinating the work of other volunteers that will come to the school.

But I am a true geek at heart, and I am on a mission to share this with the world. How?

And who knows what else!

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If you want to contribute with money to our project, you can directly donate to Asociación Manabí directly to their bank account

ES55 2038 1033 43 6000663487

Please use "Instituto Maya Padre Guillermo Woods" as message) or via PayPal using the button below (under construction... Contact us directly if you cannot wait).

Nuestro principal gasto será el transporte de las donaciones a la escuela. Aún no es seguro cuánto costará, pero nuestra estimación actual es de 1000 €. Os mantendremos informados acerca de los gastos que tengamos.


We are collecting the following things:

If you want to give us any of those, please contact us . The easiest places to collect items will be Madrid, Spain and Helsinki, Finland.

Some random stuff about me

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Do you want to know more about me? Here are some random facts:

Mayan High School Padre Guillermo Woods

Padre Guillermo Woods high school is a community education centre locate in the Pueblo Nuevo village in Ixcán. The students are between 12 and 17 years old, comprising both the "Básico" and "Diversificado" levels. Teaching is done both in Spanish and in Mayan languages.


Ixcán is a municipality formed by 176 communities in the department of Quiché, Guatemala, close to the Mexican border. It takes about 5 hours of travel to reach the closest city, Cobán – except for winter, when the harsh conditions can make land travel impossible. Ixcán is the home of about 100 000 people, 78% of them of different indigenous Mayan ethnicities. Each of these groups have their own distinct language, although the majority of them are bilingual in Spanish, the official language of Guatemala.

Asociación Manabí

Asociación Manabí is one of the local actors that work for the improvement of the conditions in Ixcán. Every year, Asociación Manabí brings tens of volunteers (nurses, teachers, engineers) to utilize their know-how to support sustainable social, economical and environmental development.

Offset our carbon footprint

According to Carbon Footprint , a round trip to Guatemala City from Helsinki via Madrid will produce about 3.3 tonnes of CO 2 . Yikes!

There are many ways to offset these emissions:

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Progress: 0/3.3 tonnes offset.


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